Michele Cutler (970) 290-6547 mcutler11@outlook.com Medium
  Ted Cutler (970) 290-6536 tedcutler@outlook.com Shamanic Energy Healer
  Beth Feger (610) 406-7385 attunementsoflight@gmail.com Healing Attunements
  Cristina Leeson (610) 413-8191 cristinaleeson@hotmail.com
Psychic Readings & Classes
  Annette Lemma (610) 585-3012 alemma429@gmail.com
Yoga Instructor
  Raya Pereira (484) 350-8489 info@rayapereira.com Master Instructor
  Leslie Sacks (602) 702-2364 leslie@healingthyme.com Sound Healing Therapist
  Jodie Smola (267) 354-4530 moonbeamshaman@gmail.com Energy Healer
  Julie Ziegler (610) 636-7522 JuliesAlternatives@gmail.com Hypnotherapy


Holistic- Emphasizing the importance of the whole

Everything is one, we are all connected.
Whether you are talking about your body, mind and spirit connection, or the whole world in general.

Together, we can work as one, for the benefit of the whole.
Everyone who teaches or provides a caring service in our center, has a deep commitment in helping others, as well as promoting and supporting each other.

Yes, we can make it alone, but together, we have it All!

Join our holistic community, take a class, receive a service, or just to come and share your light!

    All my love, Cristina